Nothing mentioned, nothing gained


A cracked thing can be held together.

It’s not easy at the start, it gets harder with time, but

As long as the cracks can be held together

Don’t let the mask slip.

A thing that falls will shatter

Broken into pieces, it won’t be ignored anymore.

It’s easier to leave cracks alone, so we do.

But when something is shattered, we pick up the pieces to glue them back together.

Or else walk away and start over with something new.

Sometimes, we need to break completely just to realise we need fixing.

Kintsugi is perfect imperfection.

The Japanese do it. They take a broken ceramic and fix it.

They fill in the cracks with liquid gold.

Damage glorified, not hidden.

A ceramic that has been damaged and repaired has strength. It has history.

And for that, worth so much more than something that has never “lived.”



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