Nothing mentioned, nothing gained


If the present keeps fighting with the past, can the future survive?

A triptych is a story told in three parts, or a piece of work presented as three panels. Does triptych tell the story of three women with a shared experience, or are the three characters the past, present and future selves of the same woman? Will their fighting destroy them all, or can they learn to forgive, and get along?

Written and directed by Naomi Elster

DOP: Steve Sheehy

Sound: Maria Hobitaki

Starring: Jaye Palmer, Maeve Hickey, and Cherley Kane

I wrote and directed Triptych, my first short film, as part of KinoD’s mini kabaret event. The international Kino movement was founded in Montreal in the late 1990’s and has expanded since, with “cells” all over the world, which bring people together to create and screen high quality short films on little to no budget. KinoD are not for profit and their motto is “Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it now,” but there was nothing slapdash about their event. The people whom had come to take part worked to professional standard. Many were professional filmmakers already, and some were beginners, but everyone collaborated and cooperated to produce films of as high a standard as they could in the time frame.

Their next event is taking place from 12 – 21 July in Pallas Project Studios, Dublin, and I recommend keeping on eye on their facebook and twitter for further details of this and other upcoming events.




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